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CBD (Cannabidiol)

TRIVIACBD is one of >113 Cannabinoids contained in the hemp and Cannabis plant. Hemp is one the earliest plants ever cultivated. It was cultivated for instance in Japan since the pre-Neolithic period to be used for fibre and food.

Until the Cannabis prohibition in 1925, hemp and Cannabis were integral parts of everyday life in most countries around the world In recent years, scientific studies on the effect of diverse Cannabinoids were picked up again. Nowadays, different parts of the hemp plants are used to produce certain products: Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the plant, it does not contain any active ingredients such as CBD. Hemp fabric is made of the plant’s fibres, active ingredients such as CBD are derived from the leaves and stems or flowers of the plant. CBD is used in nutritional supplements, cosmetic and skincare products as well as certain prescription drugs.

EFFECTSAntioxidant effects by interrupting free radical chain reactions, transforming free radicals into less active forms of by capturing them. CBD inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines and enhances the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Also, it was shown to greatly reduce sebum production. Excessive sebum production is oftentimes a cause of Acne. Cannabinoids can release endogenous opioids that might reduce the experience of pain.